Owned By: Indian Express Group.
Editions : Mumbai, Pune, Ahmednagar, Delhi, Nagpur and Aurangabad.
Language : Marathi
Epaper URL : http://www.loksatta.com
Country : India


About Newspaper

Loksatta is one of the leading and widely read daily Marathi  newspapers published by the Indian express group. It was launched in 1948 on the 14th of  January in Maharashtra. It had once enjoyed the  pinnacle of the largest circulated Marathi daily until the advent of newer dailies like Mahatrastra Times and Navkal. Now a days, it is being published in the cities of Pune, Mumbai, Ahmednagar,  Aurangabad and Nagpur of Maharashtra and Delhi outside the state.

It even has an online version which caters news to non-subscribers and NRIs for free.