Edited By: Falgunbhai Patel.
Editions : Bhavnagar, Ahmedabad, Surat, Baroda and Rajkot.
Language : Gujarati
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Country : India


About Sandesh Daily Newspaper

Sandesh is one of the leading and oldest newspapers in Gujarat. It was established in 1923 by Nandlal Bodiwala, a notable journalist and entrepreneur in print media. Along with the main edition of Ahmedabad, It is published from four centers viz Baroda, Surat, Rajkot and Bhavnagar. It also publishes a Gujarati weekly and an international edition in USA. Recently, it has also launched a Gujarati News TV Channel.

This Daily Newspaper is renowned for it’s news quality and it’s myriad of supplement pages (Nari, Shraddha, Sanksar, Tech, Health, Education, Career, Cine News, e.t.c.). It is also available through Google Play store and iOS App store apps.